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Dignity & Services

Established in 1991, Dignity & Services (D&S)  is a non profit organization working for  and with adults with learning disabilities (AwLD).

D&S supports individuals on the broad spectrum of neurological disorders  including  persons with Down Syndrome, autism, Asperger, dyslexia,  ADHD and other developmental delays.

Bake With Dignity is a social enterprise that provide sheltered employment for adults with learning disabilities (AwLD) to learn and earn.

The idea birthed about 10 years ago, where D&S teach people with learning disabilities to be comfortable in the kitchen and show them the ropes how to cook and bake, at the very least they know how to feed themselves as they grow into adulthood.

Thus a vision was birthed to turn baking into a business of improving motor skills, learning and earning money.  It started casually in the humble kitchen of Supported Living program.

We proudly support adults with learning difficulties – we do that by supporting the work of Dignity and Services (D&S).

We do this by:

  1. Serving the delicious Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie and Lemon Tarts baked by Bake with Dignity at both Southern Rock Seafood and SHUCKED Oyster and Seafood Bars.
  2. Ordering for our weekly busy day Thursday staff lunch once a month deliciously catered by D&S. Paid out of our regular give RM500/ month.
  3. Taking part in and helping to promote Everyone Can Run the D&S annual fund and awareness raising fun run.


Dignity & Services:

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