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Time to impress your friends & family!

Put on a show by shucking the oysters in front an audience! Follow this guide we’ve prepared and learn to shuck safely whilst looking cool!

Wash and open oyster just before serving. You will need a clean tea towel and an oyster knife (or any sharp knife with a strong, short blade) to open your oysters. Don’t have a proper shucking knife? Get one of our very own SRS Shucking knife for just RM30!

1. Use a folded towel, hold the oyster with the hinge facing away from your palm.

2. Insert the tip of the blade into the hinge. If you are using a normal kitchen knife, HOLD THE KNIFE BY THE TIP OF THE BLADE and NOT by its handle, this will ensure that should the knife slip whilst opening the oyster, you will not cut yourself. By moving the blade side to side the hinge will break open.

3. Remove the oyster from its shell, wash in salted water and return it to the shell.

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