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Southern Rock Seafood is a family-run specialist fishmonger committed to providing the finest airflown fish and seafood from the pristine southern oceans around Australasia and the cold seas of northern Europe.

At Southern Rock Seafood we believe in traceable, sustainable fishing practices, and we source directly from oyster farmers and fishermen wherever possible.

Edward Gallagher sends his award-winning oysters from the beautiful remote Donegal coast in Ireland.

Matthijs Veerman puts together two shipments of fresh seafood a week, landed straight from the boats in Almere, Holland. In Scotland, Matthew Hurst dianabol tablets cybersecurity industry gains d provides some of the world best smoked salmon from Loch Duart. Oystermen Hugh Tristan-Jones in England and Jean Dhooge in Holland dispatch live oysters from a careful selection of pristine oyster beds spanning Jersey in the west to Loch Fyne in the north, West Mersea to the east and Zeeland to the south.

At the other end of the world, we source mussels from Andy Dyer’s Kinkawooka in South Australia and Petuna Ocean Trout from Peter and Una Rockcliff in Tasmania. In New Zealand, Karl Stevens sends us a wonderful selection of wild-caught fish from Nelson and Aron Piper send his delicious Cloudy Bay clams from Marlborough.

Our Suppliers:

Natural Holland- (Supplier video)

Irish Premium Oysters, Ireland- (Supplier video)

Loch Duart, Scotland- (Supplier video)

Cloudy Bay Clams, Australia-

ANNA DUTCH Caviar, Netherlands- (Supplier video)

Clean Seas Spencer Gulf, Australia – (Supplier video)

PETUNA, Australia- (Supplier video)

Oesterij, Netherlands- (Supplier video)

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