Fish Roe, Tobiko Flying Fish, Red, 80g

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This tiny and colorful caviar comes from flying fish roe and is often found beautifully adorning sushi rolls and nigiri, adding a festive touch. While the original tobiko caviar is bright orange, this Red Tobiko variation boasts a natural beet tint that imparts a vibrant red hue. It can be used to create authentic sushi at home or as a garnish for appetizers.

Available in black, orange, red, golden, and wasabi flavors, this delicate and refreshing capelin and flying fish roe features light, glossy grains reminiscent of a fresh ocean breeze. Its tiny, spicy, and slightly chewy eggs will bring an exotic flair to any seafood dish or canapés. The Red Tobiko, flavored with chili pepper, is particularly noteworthy.

Suggested use: Flying fish roe is commonly supplied to Japanese or Asian cuisine restaurants and bars. The presence of flying fish roe on sushi typically signifies either a high-end or traditional restaurant. It can be recommended to a chef catering a private party with Asian or Fusion cuisine on the menu. Additionally, it makes an excellent garnish for seafood dishes, adding a splendid array of colors to any holiday table.

Origin: Holland
Weight: 80gm


Chill at 4°C - 10°C. Consume within 15 days.