Gallagher Special, Ireland

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Our biggest oyster, grown by our friend Edward Gallagher, over four years in wild and beautiful Donegal, where a pristine peaty stream flows into the tidal Tragheanna estuary giving a smooth, mellow and distinctive flavor to these special appellation oysters.


Origin: Ireland

Nose Clean open sea breeze

Body: Apple, melon, wood, plump with a range of textures

Finish: Wonderful sweetness with mineral hints

Weight: 120-150g/ pc



Should be kept alive until ready to be served. By way of storage, it may be stored in the shell with the cup facing down to preserve moisture. (covered with a damp cloth) or by refrigeration. (but not in ice or water), but if you want to experience the best taste It should be eaten as soon as possible after receiving the oysters.

Chill at 2°C - 3°C.