Squid, Frozen Squid, 500g, Malaysia

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Squid can be tender and still chewy if it is cooked correctly, whether grilling, deep-frying, or broiling it. You just have to keep a check on how long it has been cooked.

Squid has a high level of collagen, fibers, and muscles in its tentacles, which is why it is so chewy and rubbery at first.

Squid is surging in popularity and baby squid is at the front of this trend. Comes as a whole right out of the sea and can be easily cleaned under running water. They're frozen into blocks. Delicate tentacles and firm tubes and perfect for Asian dishes

Origin: Japan
Weight: 500gm

IQF (Instant Quick Freeze) at 0°C - -18°C.
Do not re-freeze after defrosting.