Lobster, Live Boston Lobster, 500-600g, USA

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Lobsters are a luxury food for special occasions, so what better way to celebrate than with a serving of some cooked lobsters. Sustainably caught, this highly versatile and delightfully cooked lobster will be the ultimate convenient seafood for any special occasion. Packed with plenty of nutrients, lobsters are not just tasty but healthy too! Although they’ll be mouth-wateringly delicious on its own, up your lobster game by seasoning it to your liking and popping it on the grill for a lovely main meal to indulge in.


  • Lobsters are sold whole and there is no way of checking the meat content, which can vary.
  • Tomalley is a soft, green substance sometimes found in the body cavity of the lobster. It functions as the liver and pancreas and is quite normal, it does not signify there is anything wrong with the lobster.
Origin: USA
Weight: +/- 500g/600g

Chill at 0°C - 4°C. 
Do not store live lobsters in fresh or salt water, in your freezer, or in plastic bags (lobsters need to breathe), or let them sit in melted ice. Packing them in ice creates a buildup of fresh water which can suffocate them (use bags of ice or frozen gel packs instead.) 

Refrigerate lobsters immediately, and keep them cold until you’re ready to cook them (best around 40 degrees F). The colder the lobster is, the lobster will become sluggish and won’t move around a lot.