Monkfish, Whole, Headless, Holland +/-1.2kg-1.6kg

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Due to uncontrollable circumstances, including bad weather preventing fishmongers from catching fish abroad, flight delays, and customs clearance, there may be delays in getting your fish on time.



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Discover the exquisite taste of Monkfish with our premium seafood selection. Monkfish, also known as the 'poor man's lobster,' is a delicacy renowned for its sweet and firm flesh. Explore our range of fresh and sustainably sourced Monkfish, perfect for grilling, roasting, or incorporating into your favorite seafood recipes. 


Origin: Holland

Weight: +/- 1kg-2kg and 2kg-4kg

Chill at 0°C - 4°C. Consume within 7 days.

To freeze; place the fish straight in the freezer upon delivery and aim to consume within 3 months.

TIP: Write the date on the packaging before freezing.