Crab, Frozen Pasteurised Crab Meat, 454g, Malaysia

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Pasteurized crab has shelled crab meat that has been subjected to high-temperature processing in order to kill any potentially dangerous microorganisms, and extend its shelf life. Although it is canned, pasteurized crab is not shelf-stable and should be kept refrigerated until it is used.

Pasteurized crab meat is put in sealed cans and can be kept for several months. There is very little taste difference between fresh and pasteurized crab. The pasteurization process eliminates the bacteria from the picking process making it safe to eat even right out of the can. Pasteurization does not make a bad product good. The quality of what goes into the can is the same quality that comes out of the can.
Origin: Malaysia
Weight: 454gm

IQF (Instant Quick Freeze) at 0°C - -18°C.
Do not re-freeze after defrosting.